JOBS - Open Positions
$q1 = Are you a master PHP Ninja?
$q2 = Excel at object oriented PHP, MVC pattern, Smarty template engine, caching practices and PEAR?
$q3 = Familiar with CSS, Javascript,  XHTML, MySQL?
$q4 = Experienced with Zend Studio, Subversion, wikis?
$q5 = Love open source? Aware of RSS, XML-RPC, web services, memcached and all other geeky stuff?
$q6 = Keen to learn much more?
$q7 = Ready to move to Silicon Valley?

if ( $q1 && $q2 && $q3 && $q4 && $q5 && $q6 ) {
    echo "YOU SHOULD <strong>JOIN</strong> US! drop your resume to <br />";
    echo "please include some php and javascript code snippets or refer us to an open source project you've";
    echo "already made. tell us our coding mistakes in this call and let us know what you know about";
    echo "the new javascript 1.7, mysql 5.2 and php 6. thanx,";
else {
    die("maybe next time...");